Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning

  • Svensk titel: Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning
  • Originaltitel: Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning
  • Speltid (min): 20
  • Release (Bio): 2016-06-11
  • Tagline: Some legends are true
  • IMDb: Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning


A story that has lasted for generations, about the Dark Rider. A beast none has survived, a monster, not human. In time the story becomes legend, but the man they call Dark Rider is a man with no memory carrying a silver locket shaped like the head of a wolf. When threaten it unleashes a dark power in him and slays whoever stands in his way. All he can remember is waking up on the bottom of a cliff with his right eye torn out by the blade of an axe, holding this locket. Beside him lays a dead beautiful woman he assumes it's his wife, all he has is the name "Vladimir" written on a piece of fabric. Every night he is hunted by a vision of a man part snake sitting on a golden throne screaming "Give it back to me". He travels the snowy north, looking for the man Vladimir in hope that this man can finally tell him who he is, what he is and take his revenge.


  • Andreas Cahling - Skådespelare - Baron
  • Meghan Chadeayne - Skådespelare - Freja
  • John Wells - Skådespelare - Tezzin leader of the Hawks
  • Dragomir Mrsic - Skådespelare - General Zodd
  • Stefan Cronwall - Skådespelare - Dark Rider
  • Titus Paar - Skådespelare - Drunk man in bar
  • Titus Paar - Director