Sub Umbra Alarum Luna

  • Svensk titel: Sub Umbra Alarum Luna
  • Originaltitel: Sub Umbra Alarum Luna
  • Speltid (min): 60
  • Release (Blu-ray/DVD): 2016-04-25
  • IMDb: Sub Umbra Alarum Luna


Using Derek Jarman's seminal super-8 epic "In the Shadow of the Sun" (1975, with music by Throbbing Gristle, 1980) as a creative springboard, Swedish filmmaker Carl Abrahamsson dives deep into the multidimensional world of dreams, nightmares and psychedelic experiences. "Sub Umbra Alarum Luna" has been shot primarily on super 8 and 16 mm film, to maintain that maximum dreamlike quality of many of Jarman's films. The music was made especially for the film by Swedish experimental group Cotton Ferox. The sound and vision mixed together create a miasmic sensory overload that destroys all rational thought and allows for a new and emotional language to take hold of the viewer/listener.


  • Carl Abrahamsson - Regi